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24th September
written by untrainedeye

The Order of the Universe
St. Thomas Aquinas used this idea to argue for the existence of God; he believed that because there order in the universe, it could not come from chance. I believe religious people should see the order of our universe not simply as an argument for a creator of God. It is an argument for an orderly god. For example: believing we serve an orderly God, we can use critical thinking to test the age of the universe by comparing the ratio of the distance of stars with the speed of light. But if, as some people do, we insist on interpreting the Bible’s account of the creation of the universe as having occurred in 7 consecutive 24 hour days, then we must come to the conclusion that we serve a capricious God, not an orderly one. Because he created an aged universe that looks like it was millions of years old, when in fact it is only roughly 10,000 years old.