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“Some years ago, NASA released the first deep-space photographs of the beautiful cloud-swirled blue-green agate we call Earth. A reporter showed one of them to the late Samuel Shenton, then president of International Flat Earth Research Society. Shenton studied it for a moment and said, “It’s easy to see how such a picture could fool the untrained eye.”
– Robert J. Schadewald “Six Flood Arguments Creationists Can’t Answer”

As you read my blog, it might be helpful to know the audience I am writing to. While I am writing about my faith, I don’t presume that all my readers are Christians. In fact, I hope that many are not.

I have struggled with my faith, and know that there are other people out there who are like me. It’s not that they are rebellious against God. It’s that in some cases, the Christianity they have encountered has been found wanting.

There are three types of people that I am targeting my writing towards.

First, some people are broken and vulnerable. Because the typical church member “cleans up,” on Sunday morning, Christians looks like people who have everything together. As a result, church doesn’t look like a safe place for these people. They fear that if people knew about their problems, they wouldn’t accept them. And that the simplistic answers they were given to help with their problems were hollow.

Second, other people are skeptics who have found that some literal interpretations and traditional beliefs about the Bible and Christianity don’t stand up to the scrutiny of a post-scientific world.

Third, I am writing to engage practicing Christians who are interested in respectfully wrestling with spiritual ideas that are contrary to what they have been taught.

As a final thought, I don’t want my writings to be a monologue. It will help me to focus my writing if people comment on my posts. You can either do so in the comments section below, or you may reply to my posts on Facebook.